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- Different pain types treatment, supporting-motor system injuries, spinal osteochondrosis, rheumatism, neuritic disorders, neuralgia, migraine, arthrosis, epicondylitis, ligamentous strain, ligaments rupture, chronic venous limbs insufficiency, hematomas, Bekhterev's disease, arthropathy deformans, Sudeck's disease, sports injuries, hematomas, arthrosis, overweight and obesity at different stages;

- Muscular system recovery;

- Figure correction;

- Cellulitis prevention and treatment.


Due to «HIVAMAT 200» electrostatic impulses, slight fluctuations are occurring. They penetrate deep into the tissues influencing on skin, subcutaneous fat, connective tissue, lymphatic and venous vessels and making metabolic processes going faster, as a result, all pain symptoms, edema quelling and inflammation disappear; skin healing is accelerated. Produced by «PHYSIOMED», Germany.


The treatment of spinal osteochondrosis, calcaneal spur, epicondylitis, myofascial syndrome, arthrosis, bursitis, muscular injuries, Dupuytren's disease, patellar fasciitis with the «RADIALSPEС» device.


Israel shock wave therapy machinery «RADIALSPEC» is effective in the muscular skeletal system treatment due to the possibility to transform electromagnetic waves into sound waves and to spread them in such a way, that they overcome muscular tissue and focus on bone and connective tissue. This sound strike is used as the instrument, that permits to treat a range of diseases of bones, muscular and joints, reduces pain syndrome and maximizes functional mobility.

SU JOK THERAPY (alternative treatment methodology on biologically active hand’s and foot points: acupuncture, metallotherapy, magnetotherapy). Treatment of child enuresis, sterility, prostatitis, menstrual disorder, endometriosis, osteochondrosis, arthrosis, skin diseases, chronic fatigue syndrome, vegetative-vascular dystonia.


Mud from the Dead sea or Saky lake is used in supporting-motor system, nervous system, gynecology, urology for the prevention and treatment of different skin diseases, including psoriasis, for the metabolic skin tissues improvement, overall condition and skin tone, has antiinflammatory, antimicrobial, antibacterial action and rejuvenating effect.