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Our experts:
Мачай Наталия Олеговна
Голёпа Елена Васильевна
Гончарук Мария Викторовна
Гребенюк Александр Иванович
Мудь Ульяна Несторовна
Дорожкина Наталия Сергеевна
Павлишин Юлия
Березий Олеся Васильевна
Бабий Олег Олегович
About us:

The Ukrainian-Israel medical Centre «ST.DAMIAN» is incorporated in «VN Group». . It is a unique medical center in Vinnitsia region with modern equipment of the leading manufacturers.

Specific features of the Ukrainian-Israel medical Centre «ST.DAMIAN»:

- Usage of the rare in Ukraine Israel shock wave therapy system «ED 1000» for the secure and painless treatment of men’s diseases;
- Complex approaches for psoriasis and other skin diseases treatment with the phototherapy (laser treatment);
- Detection of women and men sterility causes and their treatment;
- Physiotherapy treatment of skin, mussels, joints and supporting-motor system. Procedures of the hivamat therapy, shock wave therapy, Su Jok therapy (magnetotherapy, metallotherapy, acupuncture), mud treatment.

- Urology and Andrology;
- Dermatovenereology;
- Gynecology;
- Physiotherapy.

Experienced medical experts:
- perform the diagnosis with the usage of modern technologies: dermatoscopy (skin examination), colposcopy (the cervix of the uterus examination), ultrasonic diagnostics;
- Carry out consultations;
- Take prophylactic measures against common diseases;
- Provide complex approaches for the disease treatment with the physiotherapy procedures and drug prescription.
- Provide photodepilation services (depilation), classic and vacuum roll massage.

MAIN PURPOSE: to improve the people’s living quality facilitating country’s economic potential consolidation.

MISSION: to facilitate people’s life and health improvement by providing high quality diagnostics services and treatment by qualified medical staff, with the usage of up-to-date high effective measures, methods and effective complex approaches.

CONCEPTION: to provide diagnostic and treatment for the patients depending on their needs, state and the extent of disease, using up-to-date laboratory diagnostic and high effective complex treatment approaches with the continuing improvement, addition and treatment directions broadening.